Languages of Nhgech


Languages of Nhgech    


The Mranyn language is descended from Old Garven once spoken in Garratch (now a part of Parlshratzg). It is also strongly influenced by the almost extinct Rhuukhen language. Garven'e refugees settled in Mranratzg in the early years of the third millennium according to the Mranyn calendar. Some Rhuukh were living in what is now northern Mranratzg when the Garven'e settled there - particularly along the coast. The Garven'e now called themselves the Mranyni (Free One's) and grew swiftly in number and founded new towns along the Gendhorvan River - chiefly Forlarz, Yothorvech and Lazernev. The few Rhuuk in this land were quickly integrated into Mranyn society of else fled south.

Most Rhuukh lived further south on the Rhuukhen peninsular. After seven centuries of relative peace punctuated by border skirmishes and occasional raids Lezhan, the last king of Mranratzg, invaded Rhuukh and made it part of Mranratzg. An event that led eventually to the fall of the monarchy and caused the Darnil to distance themselves from the Mranyn people.

Old Garven was a sister tongue to that of Kobit Barn to the north of Parlshratzg. The Rhuuk language is related to those of Dhovch Rerf and Malg Brek. When Rhuukh became part of Mranratzg much of the former's language was lost.

Many modern Mranyn words, particularly those relating to the sea and fishing, are of Rhuukhen origin as the Garven'e had little contact with the ocean before crossing the Guardian Mountains. Verbs from this group follow a different pattern of conjugation to most Mranyn verbs (see, iii. Verb Tenses). Some words from both parent languages were retained, thus providing a rich source of synonyms to satisfy the poets.

A few words of Parlshyn or Darnil origin also occur.


Where words have come from another language, it is noted in square brackets [] in the main word entry. Where no information is given it can be assumed the word comes from Old Garven.

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